Gluteraldehyde tanning agent

Total Active                        
50 ± 2

pH (as supplied)                
3.0 - 4.0

Solubility in water @ 20° C

Colorless to Yellow liquid

Balsyn G 50 a Tanning agent for leather. Balsyn G50 provides unique cost / performance benefits in leather production and can be used in pre-tanning, tanning and retanning steps, Balsyn G50 improves finished leather properties when used in combination with other tanning material such as basic chromium sulfate, aluminium sulfate, vegetable extracts (such as mimosa), phenolic syntans and other. Balsyn G50 is an excellent choice for pre-tanning and re-tanning of conventional chrome system. However, this chemistry is increasingly being used in the growing free-of-chrome(FOC) market. The only limitation is light-colored leathers, where Balsyn G50 may not provide the required lightfastness.

Special Features & benefits
• Improved softness and fullness
• Resistance to moisture, prespiration and alkalinity
• Improved chrome utilization
• Suitable for mineral free tanning

Balsyn G50 a Tanning Agent, alone or in combination with others, produces leather with excellent softness, durability, uniformity and hand. This chemistry has been successfully applied in both chrome and free-of-chrome systems, in a wide range of products including dress and atheletic shoes, gloves and garments, upholstery and automotive. Good results are achieved with a wide range of substrates such as cow, sheep, pig and reptile.

Re-tanning of Chrome
Chrome is the single most widely used tanning agent worldwide. However, chrome alone will often not meet the desired leather property such as softness and moisture resistance. Use of Balsyn G50 as retanning agents provides improvements in all of the above areas. In re-tanning of chrome, optimum softness is generally achieved with 3-4% Balsyn G50.

Free-of-Chrome Tanages
Balsyn G50 can be utilized in many ways to produce FOC leathers, a growing market especially for automotive leathers. Balsyn G50 can be used in pre-tanning or re-tanning of chrome free metal tannages (eg. Al2(SO4)3) as well as metal-free systems including vegetable extracts and phenolic syntans. In these systems, Balsyn G50 increases shrinkage temperature and provides a softer, fuller more durable leather. The only limitation of Balsyn G50 is its lack of lightfastness.

Application Guidelines
Balsyn G50 application rates very depending upon the presence of other tanning agents and desired leather properties. However, a typical starting point is 2% active Balsyn G50 on the weight of pickled or washed stock. Balsyn G50 should be diluted with approximately equal parts water prior to addition to the tanning float. In order to maxmize utilization of these products the float should be minimized. Increasing the concentration improves absorption of the active ingredient and speeds up the tanning reaction. Controlling the pH during Balsyn G50 addition is impartant to avoid drawn grain resulting from rapid tanning action; reaction rate increases significantly with increasing pH. An initial pH of 2.5 to 4.0 is acceptable, at completion of tanning, the pH can be raised using typical alkline materials such as MgO.

A non-hazardous, industrial chemical. Should be handled with normal care. Any contact with eyes and/or spillage on skin should be washed thoroughly in running water.

This product has 24 months shelf life when stored in original packing in sealed condition at ambient temperature. Protect from moisture & sunlight. Close container tightly after use.


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