Chemical characteristics
Modified Quebracho extract
Ph ( 10% solution)
2.5 - 4.5
Pale pink powder.
Moisture content
5% (max)
Compatibility and solubility
Balsyn VQS is compatible with all natural and synthetic tanning agents, dyes, auxiliaries . It is readily soluble in cold and warm water.
Balsyn VQS is designed for good fullness, tightness and good grain properties. lt can be used for all types of leather articles.

It imparts

•   Excellent body and filling properties.
•   As it is a low astringent product. Imparts a very fine and smooth grain surface.
•   It can be used for pastel shades.
Balsyn VQS can be used in retanning of wet blue leathers and also in Vegetable tanning for different types of leather. It can also be used for Butts & sole leather manufacturing
A non hazardous industrial chemical, should be handled with normal care. Any contact with the eyes and / or spillage on skin should be washed thoroughly in running water.
This product has 24 months shelf life when stored in original packing in sealed condition at ambient temperature. Protect from moisture and sun light

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