Nature of the Product
Economical inorganic filler
Moisture content (%)
5 (Max)
pH of 10% solution
6.5 - 7.5
White Powder
Excellent compatibility with all type of syntans, Vegetable tannins, anionic fatliquors and cationic fatliquors. Easily miscible with cold or hot water.
Properties Imparted
  • Imparts good body with light weight
  • Improves grain tightness with good filling
  • Improves dye depth
  • Improves inner softness
Apply 'Balsyn FL' in retanning 2-3 % for nappa, 2-6 % for cow upper, 3-5 % for suede and 3-4 % for goat upper. It gives filling particularly in empty area.
A non-hazardous, industrial chemical should be handled with normal care. Any contact with eyes and or spillage on skins should be washed thoroughly in running stream of water. 
This product has 6 months shelf life when stored in original packing in sealed condition at ambient temperature. Protect from moisture & sunlight.

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