Nature of the Product
Fatliquor based on specialty ester & paraffin wax
Active Matter (% w/w)
70 ± 2 
pH of 10% solution
7.0 - 8.0
Ionic character
Light reddish brown to dark reddish brown liquid
Resistant to electrolytes, acids, salts and stable to hard water
Excellent compatibility with all type of syntans, anionic & non ionic fatliquors. Easily miscible with cold or hot water.

Properties Imparted
*       Softness with excellent light fastness
*       Improves smoothness and grain firmness.
*       Ideally suitable for white and light colored leathers.
Balmol BXN-20 can be used for variety of leathers based on cow, buffalo, buff calf, goat and sheep. Apply 6-8 % for nappa, 2-3 % for cabretta, 2-3 % for upper, 8-10 % for glove and 3-4 % for lining. Application of small quantities of 'Balmol BXN-20' in the pickle or in Rechroming, increases the smoothness.
A non-hazardous, industrial chemical should be handled with normal care. Any contact with eyes and or spillage on skins should be washed thoroughly in running stream of water. 

This product  has a shelf life of 6 months  when stored in original packing in sealed condition at ambient termperature. Protect from moisture and sun light. Avoid freezing. Stir well before use. Close container tigthly after use.

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