Nature of the Product
Fatliquor based on aliphatic hydrocarbons
Active Matter (% w/w)
70 ± 1 
pH of 10% solution
Approx 6.5
Ionic character
Light brown to dark brown free-flowing liquid
Resistant to electrolytes, acids, salts and stable to hard water
Excellent compatibility with all type of syntans, anionic & non ionic fatliquors. Easily miscible with cold or hot water.

Properties Imparted
*       Softness with excellent light fastness
*       Improves smoothness and grain firmness.
*       Ideally suitable for white and light colored leathers.
Balmol BXN-20 can be used for variety of leathers based on cow, buffalo, buff calf, goat and sheep. Apply 6-8 % for nappa, 2-3 % for cabretta, 2-3 % for upper, 8-10 % for glove and 3-4 % for lining. Application of small quantities of 'Balmol BXN-20' in the pickle or in Rechroming, increases the smoothness.
A non-hazardous, industrial chemical should be handled with normal care. Any contact with eyes and or spillage on skins should be washed thoroughly in running stream of water. Incase of ingestion requires immediate medical assistance. Meanwhile give the ­patient 2-4 glass of warm water and induce vomiting.
When stored in original drums or container under suitable conditions(5°C - 40°C). This product  has a shelf life of six months from the date of delivery.  If affected by frost, the full content of the drum must be slightly heated and stirred intensively. Stir well before use.

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