Gluteraldehyde in aqueous solution.

Active matter (% w/w)
40 ± 1

pH of 10% solution:
3.0 - 4.0

Colorless to Pale Yellow liquid

Gluteraldehyde Self Tanning Syntan. Suitable for Soft Light leathers with good body. Stable below pH 9.0, the tanning power is better in higher pH ranges. Recommended for use before neutralisation. Avoid usage with vegetable tannins / phenolic syntans in the same bath. It is also suitable for milling effect.

An acidic product and should be handled with protective gear like PVC hand gloves, goggles etc. Any contact with eyes and/or spillage on skin should be washed thoroughly in running water. In case of irritation, physician should be consulted. Floor spills should be washed with water.

This product has 6 months shelf life when stored in original packing. Protect from moisture & exposure to sunlight. Avoid freezing. Stir well before use.

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