Chemical characteristics
Modified Vegetable Syntan based on Quebracho
Ph ( 10% solution)
Active matter
97 % (approx)
Light brown powder.
Moisture content
3% (max)
Compatibility and solubility
Balsyn VQ is compatible with all natural and synthetic tanning agents, dyes, auxiliaries . It is readily soluble in water.
Balsyn VQ is designed for good fullness, tightness and good grain properties. lt can be used for all types of leather articles.

It imparts

•   Excellent body and filling properties.
•   As it is a low astringent product. Imparts a very fine and smooth grain surface.
•   It can be used for pastel shades.
Balsyn VQ can be used in Retanning and Vegetable tanning for different types of leather.
A non hazardous industrial chemical, should be handled with normal care. Any contact with the eyes and / or spillage on skin should be washed thoroughly in running water.
This product has 6 months shelf life when stored in original packing. Protect from moisture and exposure to sun light

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